Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday's Outing

After Hepburn Springs we went to the Lavendula Festival. We had a great time. A beautiful spot. Rows of gorgeous lavender, animals including birds, donkeys, llama's etc, music, historic buildings and much more. It was hot by the time we reached the lavender farm. Mich, Lee and I all had our palms read by an elderly man. I was amazed at how accurate my reading was. He told me I had recent health issues in my chest/neck region. Told me how many kids I had and that they were girls. Also about my grandchildren. One of the girls will have twins according to him. He also told me the ages I had travelled through my life. He told me I was artistic and creative as well as practical and organised. Freaky thing he told me that my job involved three people with a fourth more distant or further away. He said we each had specialised roles but our jobs crossed over to each others. He was pretty good. Mich and Lee's readings were really good too.

Leaving the Lavendar farm we went to the Chocolate Mill. The girls love it here. We bought a few chocolates (poor Kady will eat hers over the next week or so when she is feeling better). As we were leaving (mich and Lee in one car, all of us in the other), poor Lee got bitten all over his stomach by a huge ant. It must have gotten onto his clothing somehow. Ouch. He is ok now though.

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Trish Clark said...

looks like you have had a great time away Dawn
I love Daylesford :)
Your coastal goliday looks fab too
Another trip we have planned :)