Monday, January 21, 2008

A Quiet Day

planned for today. This is our first day home all holidays without having to go out or have someone coming over. The kids are looking forward to just vegging in front of the TV. The holidays have sped by this summer. We have had some awesome weather so the girls have been swimming heaps. Kady is feeling 100% now after being so sick the other week.

Some good news is that is rained over the weekend. We have had 18 mls. The garden really needed a good soaking. It was a nice steady drizzle.

Bad news was that on Saturday we had no power for 12 hours due to a pole fire. Apparently after a dry spell and then it rain the transformers can't cope and it's quite common.

I need to give the plants in my greenhouse a good watering today. We have been picking tomatoes for a few weeks now. Yummy. They taste so good. I need to pull out some lettuce that has gone to seed and replant some more lettuce seeds.

I also have to pick some beans in the veggie patch. The zucchini's are ready to pick as well. I love having our own fresh vegetables.

Mich and Lee have settled into their apartment in the city. They love the city. Lee starts work with Jason today. I found a shop for them only two blocks from their apartment that sells UK products. No Prawn Cocktail crisps in stock for Mich though.

Thinking about all of those in Queensland that are or have been affected by the floods. It's looking very bad around the Emerald area.

Make sure you drop by the Fiskars ANZ blog daily over the next week to be inspired with lots of gorgeous back to school creations.

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