Friday, January 18, 2008

A Little Quiet

Since Mich and Lee left this morning. We are so used to having them here and will miss them heaps. They will probably be back for a few weeks in three months when their lease is up on their apartment in Melbourne. They are very close to Southern Cross Station. Great position to get around on public transport.

We dropped them off at the railway station this morning. They arrived at their apartment to find out if was very dirty and messy. There were some guys living there that are being evicted on Monday and they have made a horrible mess. Not a great start for Mich and Lee. Bet they enjoyed checking out the pool and gym though.

Jason managed to get a full time job for Lee where he works doing labouring. Really great money and only an hour on the train each way. A big load off of their mind now that one of them will be working. Mich only needs to find some work for three months now.

Anyone know of any jobs going for a three month period?

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Anonymous said...

hope the girls are ok now xx u done alot site seeing with mich and lee the weather looks realy hot there we have got alot of rain and winds here love to u all xxx