Saturday, January 12, 2008

The lakes at Mt Gambier. Wow. The craters include Blue Lake Crater, Valley Lake Crater and Leg Of Mutton Lake Crater.

The blue lake is the water supply for Mt Gambier. This lake is found in one of the three craters of an extinct volcano. The colours were amazing. I have never seen water this blue. During winter the lake turns a winter blue/grey and then in November the colour changes back to turquoise blue over a short period of time. The top photos are the Valley Lake (green lake). Browne's lake is next to the green lake and has dried up due to the drought over the last ten years or so.


boomerue said...

glad to hear that you all had a good time, nice pics.

judee d said...

Just love the pics. The great ocean road has some of the most spectacular views i have ever seen. I just love going along that road. Mt Gambier has also the views of the lake. Especially when it is the real turqoise blue color. Enjoy your trip. Bill and I want to travel the G O R in the MG. Can you imagine just like the tv commercial. Two oldies with their scraf's blowing in the wind in an open topped MG. LOL. I think we might just fit into that picture.
Keep smiling and healthy