Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's That Time Again

Kady and Leah headed back to school this morning. Both were keen to go back. Kady is starting year 8 and Leah is in year 5. Where have the years gone. Seems like only yesterday Kady started school. Kady is in a different class this year with none of her old school mates. She isn't too happy about this but her coordinator wanted her to change. Hopefully she is happy in the class.

We have had a great summer holiday. Kady was happy this morning until I told her she wasn't getting on the school bus with her doc Martins, studded wristbands and chains. She relented under protest and put her new school shoes on and removed most of her jewellry. Her hippo Bert, is wearing them whilst she is at school. Leah is so excited about her new teacher this year. I will miss the relaxed routine and the sleep ins. It is so quiet here this morning.

Yesterday my family room was tidy until the girls decided they didn't want any 'baby' stuff in their bedrooms anymore. All their porcelain dolls and trinkets are now all over my family room floor.

Kady removed all her ornaments and trinkets from her book shelf and her Dr Sueus books. Leah removed all the golden books and Wonder books. These books pictured above where mine as a child. We have added to them over the years. They were favourites for many years. I will pack them away in some plastic tubs and keep them for when they have children.

Man I can't believe I typed that.


Cindy said...

I had a HUGE pile of Little Golden Books, but I think they got thrown out over the years :(

My Nanna still has toys that my dad had when he was 4. I played with them when I was little, and now MY children play with them.

I hope the girls first day back at school goes well :)

boomerue said...

Donna has still got all of hers and I think tony has as well.
I used to buy you all one every week, and special ones like when you had your tonsilles out and going to the dentist.
I do agree where have the years gone.
Last thursday I had lunch with Hailey and Courtny, gee the girls have grown Hailey is as tall as me.
They are such pretty girls, Hailey still looks like me and then again her Kady Kirsty and Julieann are so alike.
My mum would be so proud of these girls as they also look like her when she was a young girl.
Dylan is having his 3rd b/day on Sunday and Wills is the 4th cant belive my mum in law has been gone one year on wills
The worst time I miss mum is when all the b/days come around and there is no card.