Friday, January 11, 2008

Day two, Cape Bridgewater. I saw a sign to a seal colony and surf beach as we were heading into Portland.

We had stopped off at Portland for some lunch supplies including a bbq chicken, rolls etc. We headed off to check out the beach and seal colony. We were looking forward to eating chicken and salad rolls. OMG I really don't think I have ever seen so many flies ever. We all helped out keeping the flies at bay whilst the chicken was pulled apart and salad was cut up. It was amazing how many flies were swarming around us. Not an enjoyable lunch. We must have looked mad walking around waving our arms as we tried to eat our rolls.

The seal colony ended up being a good few km's of walking. No way in the heat of the day. We also looked at the blow holes and also the Petrified Forest.
Our second night we stopped at Nelson. It was nice to know we were staying here for two nights and not having to pack up camp the next day. We checked out the beach but it had cooled a little in temperature and was too cool to swim. Leah and Kady enjoyed Lee showing them card tricks.

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