Saturday, January 26, 2008

Around The World This Weekend

Happy birthday to sweet Samuel (my first cousin once removed). A year has flown by since Samuel was born.

Samuel turns one tomorrow. Linda and Selo have organised a family and friends party for Samuel. Linda I hope he is feeling better by tomorrow.

Last night I spoke with Auntie Beryl for about 1.5 hours. Auntie Beryl had her first round of chemo for Breast Cancer eleven days ago and she is doing awesome. NO side effects at all. Auntie Beryl you sounded fantastic.

Lee has been busy working hard at Jason's job site. Mich has got a job collecting donations for childrens cancer. Way to go Mich.

Remembering Uncle Richard this weekend. It's been two years since he passed away suddenly.

Here are some pics that Mim sent me during the week of Tony, Hailey, Courtny and Em and Mim. Those girls are growing up so fast.

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