Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

It's been another busy week in the Stan household with the lead up to Christmas. Last weekend we put up the Christmas tree. This year we opted not to put the handmade bows on the tree. I am making some more homemade ornaments that still have to be added.

The weather has been lovely over the last few weeks. Summer is here. The kids have been swimming in our pool most days. My veges in the greenhouse are growing more and more each day. The tomatoes are about 1.5 metres high. Looking forward to fresh homegrown tomatoes.

Other news,

Mum is back from England. She had a great time. Got jet lag on the return trip. I am sure she is not looking forward to going back to work. Mary is still on holiday in China. The kids miss their Bubba. Auntie Beryl is recovering well from her recent operation. Leah has her school concert this coming week. Her class have a beach theme with some Beach Boy songs. She is looking forward to it. Tomorrow we have the Fiskateers Christmas party over at Lyn's house. If you want any details and wish to join in the fun email me on

Here are a few photos.

See what our poor kitty Kasey has to put up with. She doesn't complain too much. I actually think she liked the shoes.
Leah is still addicted to watching 'Kath and Kim'. We are hoping Santa brings some new episodes because we all know them off by heart.
Kady and Leah take turns each year putting the star on top of the tree.

Our annual Christmas photo at Myers. Kady was unsure whether she would take part this year but decided to continue with the tradition. After they sat on Santa's knee a lady and her adult daughter had their pic taken. Yesterday we went to Highpoint to do a little Christmas shopping. Boy our feet were sore by the time we got home. It was so busy we had to park across the road near JB Hifi. We couldn't find a park anywhere.
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rose said...

hi that poor cat, our cat would fight u if we tryed that lol i think u need our rain love to u all xxxx

Megan said...

Hi Dawn,

I love the photo of the cat! Kasey is very patient to get dressed up AND pose for the camera lol.

Megan xx

sollie said...

I really can't imagine having Christmas in summer. It sounds so weird.
Love, Isolde