Friday, November 30, 2007

Zuckerman's Barn

A few people have asked to see more pics from Charlotte's Web.

Some inside pics of Zuckerman's barn. The barn was three storey's high. You could access the second floor via internal stairs (shown in the film) or by a side door. Nobody was allowed access to the second floor on this day due to safety reasons. The second floor covers half the barn. The other half is what you can see in the first picture. The main beam in the first picture is actually steel incased in wood. The bluestone in the second picture is fake. It's made of a polystyrone type (not sure of the technical name) material.

Deidre, the farm was only open for that day for the hospital fundraiser. Part of the council agreement when the set was built was that the farm had to be returned to the original condition with no buildings. A few court cases due to a neighbour not being happy has resulted in the houses being pulled down but the barns remain. Very sad. The latest courtcase stated that the Zuckerman Barn (pictured below) had to be painted a colour that blended in to the countryside).. The farm is located on the Greendale/Ballan road but you can only see the Zuckerman barn from the road in winter when all the tree's have lost their leaves. Unless someone shows you where they are you would never guess. It's a sheltered little valley. There is a small road that locals know where you can view the barns from and take pics but you need to zoom in. If you are ever up this way let me know and I will show you where you can view them from.

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