Friday, November 30, 2007


This site has been a favourite of Kady's and Leah's for ages and ages. If your girls or boys love horses then they will love this website. It teaches them how to look after a horse, feed it, groom it, and earn money to buy other horses etc. and much more.

This is a great website for educational gifts for kids. Love this one.

Here's a website that has a special offer each day.

And a few more for pressies

the toy section is pretty good.

I have bought from a few over the years but not all. Others are just sites I have found browsing.

And this next one.

mm I really want to book into one of Bart's classes one night. Hoping to pick one for my birthday next year.


Shazz said...

thanks for those links dan....especially the "young minds" one.....VERY cool. if i hadn't already shopped for my nieces and nephews, this is the place i would be going to.
have a wonderful sunday xxoo

The Clarks said...

Boo loves the howrse one Dawn
I get sick of Mum look at this one lol
Some great sites here too