Thursday, October 04, 2007


We had a great time in the city. Kady's dream came true and we visited DFO, tonnes of bargains to be had for the keen shopper. Next we walked up to Victoria Market and had lunch in the food court and browsed ailse upon aisle. Donna loves the market so it was hard to drag her away. Dad, Chris and I were a little over it lol by the end.

We walked down Elizabeth Street and made our way to the Rialto Towers. A quick 55 floors up in the lift and we had a stunning view of Melbourne city and beyond. We were lucky as it was such a clear day. Approx six years ago we went up on boxing day and watched it rain, hail and sleet through the windows.

By the end of the day our feet were aching. We walked miles. We headed home on the train once again. It was so nice to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Petrina McDonald said...

Hi Dawn - Looks like you have been out and about playing tourists and enjoying the sites of your state! I'd love to visit Melbourne one day - but even now it is a huge sigh of relief to get home from even Brisbane to the relative quietness of our little city/town.
Catch up soon, P.