Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally A Post

The last week and a half have flown by. I have been a bad blogger.

I have managed to change the look of my blog over the last few days. It was time for a new look and a new banner.

Last week the Stitches and Craft show was heaps of fun. I loved catching up with all the girls and all the ladies who stopped by our stand. It was a long drive each day. Over two hours each way for me. Thanks to Paula who drove us into the city. At times it was at a standstill and we managed twice to travel 4kms in 20 minutes. I cannot imagine doing it every day. I left home at 7.05am after dropping the girls at two friends and we got to Caulfield just before 9.30 each morning and then it was the same on the way home.

Friday night Paula and I decided to stop off on the way home for dinner. We stopped at a hotel in Keilor and ended up meeting up with Sally, Trish, Kylie and Jodie. A lovely surprise as I didn't know Sally was over from Tassie. We had a lovely relaxing meal.

It was nice to unwind after a stressful week with some issues with Kady and her school (I won't go into full details on my blog), resulting in lots of phone calls, interviews and us being questioned as to whether or not we were good parents thanks to two girls who had recently decided to take a dislike to Kady and told many huge lies to one of her teachers and caused no end of trouble. Hoping things will settle down over the next few weeks.

Saturday I did a demonstration at Spotlight in Ballarat. A huge success. So much interest in the lovely Cloud 9 Design papers and the Fiskars tools.

Only a few weeks till Deni. Not long till we see Donna, Dad, Chris and Dylan.
My cousin Miche and her man Lee are having a great time on their travels. I left a message on Miche's face book page. They are currently in India.
MIL Mary had her ball removed off the end of her toe following her operation last month. Hopefully she will be able to get around a little bit better now. It has been driving her nuts not being able to do what she wants to do.
Tony and Mim have sold the lavender farm and are moving house this week to Mt Sylvia. Happy moving guys. So glad it's you and not me. I don't want to do that anytime too soon.
Happy birthday to my niece Emily this week. Em turns eighteen and is having a party this weekend.
My cousin Claire is due to have her first baby.
Leah had book week at school last week and dressed up as a 'Charmed One'. My first year with now pics. It was still darkish when I was getting them into the car to drop the girls off before Stitches and Craft Show.This week Leah had footy day special lunch day. A pie and drink to celebrate.
Last weekend we finally had our shed concreted. Just before I headed off to my Spotlight demo I thought I would take a few pics of the cement truck etc. Well my camera decided to die. All the photos had lines through them and they were a funny colour. I have had my Sony DSC717 for nearly four years and I have been so happy with it. I have never had any problems and always loved the photos I took with it. So sad.
Anyway one must move on and as all photo addicts know we cannot live without a camera. I did for a micro second consider getting my old film SLR out of the cupboard but couldn't bring myself to do it lol. Who can take just 24 photos these days after being digital.
This week I ordered the Canon EOS 400D online. Ordered it Monday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday morning. Got a great bargain. Can't wait to learn all the ins and outs. I bought it with the twin lens kit but now am awaiting the 50mm 1.8 lens.

Here is a pic of the hot house/greenhouse Jason built for me. It's nearly finished. Just need to add some guttering and plumb it up to a caged tank Mary and Eddie gave us. We have planted some seeds in pots already. So far we have Coriander, Basil, Tomato, Chilli and Lettuce seeds. Some have already started coming through.

Jason borrowed Adam's dingo the other week. He has been busy working around the block and also prepared the shed ready to have the concrete poured last weekend. It's looking great.

A pic of the girls helping to burn off in preparation for the fire season.
As promised some pics from the other weekend, Leah and Miss M, painting and playing.

Zac, one month old already. He is such a good baby.

Let's hope this finally posts. Taken me forever as blogger wasn't behaving and kept freezing on me.


Petrina McDonald said...

Wow Dawn - when you update you really update! So much has been happening in your life - how do you keep up!!! First of all, I hope things work out for your daughter. It can be so distressing when things are not good at school; it is such a big part of their lives.
A BIG congratulations on your new camera - you are going to have so much fun with it :-D
And .... :( at all that Melbourne traffic - yucko! So much to be said for the quiet life in the country!
Oh, and now my 'puter has caught up with your new banner - that is soooo cool. Nice to have a fresh change on your blog for Spring. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book.
Love, P

rose said...

you have been busy love the new layout love roes ,pete ,kirsty xxx

Elie Smith, -- Perth WA said...

you sure update Dawn love your photos Elie :-)