Saturday, August 04, 2007


Ok a bit of a ramble so only read if you want to.

So excited,

my Dad is coming for a very quick visit. He is currently at Murray Bridge in South Australia. He left QLD on Thursday and drove on his own to sell his BNS gear at the BNS. He is driving 6.5 (maybe more) hours to come and visit us and stay Sunday night and Monday night and then driving two days to get home.

We are all so excited. J is taking a few days off work and the girls won't be going to school. It's been ten months since I saw any of my family. Hate living away from them but love where I live. Makes it really hard after the year we have had. Only one family visit in the last year. I have been lucky to have my friends and Jason's family around with my family livng so far away. The girls are counting down the hours, so am I. He will freeze when he is here. Lucky he sleeps in his swag next to the fire.

Yesterday arvy, Jason spotted a wombat out in broad daylight. Wombats are nocturnal. A few weeks ago we got a letter saying there was one with mange roaming around the neighbourhood that needed urgent medical attention and to ring the moment it was sighted. We figured this guy was THE Wombat. J was worried he would be run over as he was close to the road.

Leah went on a school excursion to Sovereign Hill. She got to dress up in olden day clothing and had a great time.

Kady walked up bald hill as a part of her Science class to collect rocks. Anyone who know's Bald Hill, can imagine how hard the trek was.

I have been in touch with my cousin Jackie lately and it really warms my heart. We haven't been in touch in a long time. Today with email it makes it so easy to stay in touch. Glad to have Jackie and Claire back with us. We were very close growing up. Claire is due to have her baby in under a month.

My Uncle Mick rang from England this week. He has tried all week but couldn't get through. Not sure why he couldn't. All fine our end so we think something international.......................Last week I received a package from him containing my Nanny's wedding ring and engagement ring and some of her diaries. My Nan kept a diary from when she was 14. She wanted me to have them. She told me that I would treasure them more than anyone she knew and I DO.

Sadly we think she got rid of many so I only have from 1991 to 2001. Eight in total. I LOVE THEM. She writes each day of how she slept and the weather and how many fish she caught. What bills she paid etc Day to day stuff. Her handwriting is what touches me the most. It takes me back to each and every birthday and Christmas. Nanny never missed a special occasion. I really treasure them.

It's funny but even living on opposites sides of the world we were so close. Thanks to modern day technology. She was part of me. My worst thought was her leaving and yet I knew one day it would happen. Only a few days before she passed we spoke for about 5 to 10 minutes on the phone (our last phone call) she told me I would live to be an old lady ( I had just started radiotherapy) and that I needed to listen to her closely. She then said she would never say goodbye. With that she hung up. It was only after she passed away that I realised she had never said goodbye. She always ended a phone call with I love you darling.

Often I would ring her in my family history quest. She had the greatest memory and she would rattle off tales. I would jot them down whilst chatting. We were very alike. She would talk to me about her Bill or the boys, fishing, her garden or her budgie. I miss her so much. So many times I feel the need to ring her only to remember I can't.

Went to visit Wendy this week with Paula and Erica. We took her an album from POS. Wendy has had a hard time. A big op and some hard times to deal with. We took a picnic lunch across. Spur of the moment, Cheeses, dips, fruit, rolls and salad. A great day with lots of laughter. I hope we made her smile for just a moment. I came away with my jaws aching.

I have spent the last day printing off some photos to put in frames on the wall. Jason is going to make a large mirror for behind our table. I have waited four years so decided to make a photo frame collage on the wall. The hardest thing is choosing pics.

It snowed yesterday and last night. In between hail and rain showers.

Tonight we had two large male roo's in the front garden. One was on our side of the fence and the other next door. The one next door ummmed and arrhhed about jumping the fence. In the end he hopped around the fenceline, up the nature strip and in through the front gate to join his friend. Nearly an hour later when they were leaving ( to go next door), the roo same roo hopped back to the gate and out of the gate up to next door whilst the other roo just jumped over the fence. So funny to watch.The looks on their faces.

Uncle Mick sent some cute pics of Samuel this week. Will share them in the next post.


sollie said...

Enjoy your fathers company!!

rose said...

hi bet u cant wait for your dad to come down he is such a laugh to be with ,its a shame your mum couldnt come as well ,, give him our love ,,love to you all from the isted clan xxxx

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh Dawn you have had me in tears reading about your Nanny's diaries (but there are worse things in life than crying so that is ok!). My Grandmother kept similar diaries (newsy rather than emotional) but unfortunately my Grandfather threw all but a couple away after she died (:x). It is the handwriting that is so precious, isn't it. You are lucky your Uncle realised that you were the right person to receive them.
Your excitement about your Dad arriving is infectious - I hope you all have a great time!
Love, P.
ps. *giggle* I have strange visions of a mangey wombat now - thanks for that!!!!

wendy steward said...

yes you girls certainly put a smile on my face, you are just the best. enjoy your time with your dad, dont forget to take the camera out. big hugs

Lyn Dwyer said...

WHEW.......made it to the end DAWN....I can feel your excitement vibrating through in and your Dad will have so much to talk about.....good that Jason and the girls will be around also.
What a legacy your Nan left you....she obviously knew that you were the person who would cherish her diary snippits!
ENJOY the next couple of days with your Dad....and like Wen said....make sure you give that camera a good work out girl!

Mim said...

Hi there,
i kno how u miss your nanna cause on the 11th my nanna will have been gone 4yrs and i cant sleep i hear her through my drowiness and i am constantly in need of her smell,,lol she had a great smell...and lots of rings too