Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dad's Visit

We had a wonderful time whilst Dad was visiting. It went way to quick. Dad ended up staying an extra night. The girls didn't want him to leave. We had so much fun whilst he was here. The first night Dad and I stayed up till 2 O'clock chatting and having a few bundies. The second night we were all up until past 1 O'clock. Last night was much earlier to bed as Dad left at 3.30am this morning to avoid the traffic for part of the drive home. He is staying in Narrabri tonight. A long drive on your own. About 21 hours from our place to his.

Monday we headed down to Lorne. There was such a lot of water laying around on the drive there. We have had so much rain lately. All the dams were full. It is good to see our water catchments finally rising.

We went inland and along the Great Ocean Road from near Apollo Bay. We didn't see any whales. The rainforest was stunning as we drove through. We tried to find a waterfall that was signposted but ended up at a campsite that had been logged all around it. Very ugly. It's such a shame the way they leave the logs and wood littered all over the hillside. We had really lovely fish and chips on the beach. The fish was fresh and battered in store. The sea was so flat. Hardly any waves at all.

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Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh DAWN...sorry to hear about your back...OUCH!
Love all your family pics....what a lot you have fitted into a few glad that you and your Dad had this time together....and great that you'll be seeing him again in 50 days.....hope all goes well for the RETREAT.....make sure you delegate if things get too much....

linda said...

hi dawn your dad looks great i betyou had a good time and to catch upwith everything hope everyone is well all our love the logie clan

rose said...

lovely photos you look so good ,hair is growing fast ,,kady and leah are growing so fast you all look so happy with your dad he doesnt change love to you all rose,pete .kirsty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mum said...

Just thought I would let you know Dawn, dad did not stay in Narrabrie, all the motels were full, he got home at 11 30 and then got up when I did at 4 30 to go to work.
He will be very tired today.
I am on holidays for 2 weeks now thought I would start some spring cleaning.
The girls are so grown now, dad said that Kady is a young woman now .
I would have loved to have gone with him pity it was not next week.

mum said...

Your hair looks great Dawn, will buy you some hair wax now lol.

Elie said...

love to see your family pics they look great your saw a lot of things in such a short time . what presious memories to have Elie