Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dad's Visit 3

Day two and we stayed closer to home. We went to a local waterfall and due to the recent rain it's flowing well. Very pretty. We also did a spot of four wheel driving and some drives through the forest where we live. Drove to a local lookout (the windchill was freezing) and checked out a little cemetary in the bush with graves dating back to the mid 1800's. We had lunch in Malmsbury. Some yummy pies and sausage rolls. Dad loves checking out all the mining areas just like us. I love the history of the area where we live.

Dad's visit went way to fast. Good news though he will be back in 50 days for Deni. The girls are counting down.

My back was feeling much better by Monday. Tuesday however I moved slightly wrong and have been in so much pain ever since. I had about 1.5 hours sleep last night. Went off to the Osteopath today (will feel even more sore tomorrow but should improve by Friday). Then off to the doctors for some painkillers. I found out I have a fracture in my spine. The damage was done many years ago and I am thinking it was a bad fall from a horse I had when I was about thirteen. It's the only time I have fallen to hurt my back. I was thrown from a horse and landed half on/off metal gates laying on the ground. I had to cancel work over last weekend and for Thursday night. I am off to a scrapping retreat this weekend. Will be wearing a few hats. I am teaching and doing a make and take as well as managing the lodge as my boss will be away.Hoping my back settles down by then.

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Trina said...

Hope your back feels better soon. I have a hubby with a dodgy back. Not nice. So I can sympathise.

Have fun at the retreat. Jealous here!

rose said...

did you go through any big puddles lol xxx

Elie said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself and hope you back is feeling better Dawn Elie