Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Day

We have had some lovely weather the last few days. A touch of spring.

Saturday we went to visit some friends and my MIL.

Mary is doing well. Her foot is quite swollen but she is hobbling around well. She has a wire through her second toe with a ball on the end. arrrhh makes me have goosebumps. I was so scared Leah would knock it. Jason cooked a Lasagne to take up and I made up a basket of magazines and chocolates. Will catch up during the week and take her shopping etc to get her out of the house. She won't be able to drive for a bit so will go stir crazy at home. We will have to plan a few shopping trips and days out once she is feeling able.

Took Zoe her birthday present and dropped it off. They weren't home but will catch up soon.

Sunday we headed up to Ballarat to the Sunday market. We bought a few fruit trees (bare rooted) for a cool $16 each and some mega cheap Birch trees, we bought a Nashi, a pear, a peach, a lemon and a walnut to add to our assorted fruit trees already planted a few years ago. We already have an apple (with a few varieties), a three way plum, a nectarine, a lemon (seems to be a dud as it's never done well), a cherry (mmm my fav, wanted another but they were sold out), a couple of Mulberries, and a pepito?.I think we may have lost our Grapes due to the drought. Will see if they recover this spring.

Planted all on Sunday.

Today Jason and I pottered around the garden all day. Jason has nearly finished the greenhouse/hot house. Just have to add the guttering and the watertank. The total cost of this has been $26 for concrete. All else was recylced. It looks really good. Will take a pic tomorrow. Looking forward to growing some tomatoes etc that the cockatoos can't get too. At this point in time not liking them at all as they seem to know what plants to destroy and what not too. Anything I like seems to be bitten to pieces. I suppose we are lucky as it's only plants. A neighbour had her entire verandah destroyed.

I spent the day putting down Dynamic Lifter and building more motes around the trees that don't have them. With the drought over the last few years these are essential around all plants to capture water.

I have a few daffs ready to flower. I planted a cheap bag I bought late from Big W along the front fenceline this year. There are four or five ready to flower.

Adding the Dynamic Lifter to the garden beds bought back a flood of Nausea. It bought back the memory of adding it last year when I started Chemo on 22nd August. The smell made me feel so sick. My sense of smell was so sensitive. It was really hard today spreading it around and at the same time trying not to feel sick. Funny how these things stay in your mind for so long. A smell or a song can bring back so many memories.

Had a few tears tonight. Was reading my breast cancer diary and read an entry saying my Nan had rang me for the first time on her own international to wish me well with my chemo. Miss her so much. It breaks my heart. I sometimes think of something and think I better ring and tell her only to realise I can't.

Today was a beautiful day. The sun shone all day long. It was warm and it was just lovely to be outside.Our three local roos have been around the block and next door since last Thursday. Our local Koala and the little Scarlet Robin has also been here the last few days. So nice to see them when you are out working in the yard.


Lusi :) said...

its incredible how smells and sights and associations can bring back so many memories.
your place sounds so wonderful to be surrounded by so many wonderful animals!
thinking of you!
L x

mum said...

what a year we all have had.
Hopefully it will get better.
You can still talk to nanny, she is every where you go, in the sunshine in the rain and even in the wind, she is watching over us every day, I talk to my mum and have told her I am coming to see her, on the 21st of nov, will be the day that she died, will vist her for a while and tell her all what has happened since she went away, and it will be her b/day on the 29th of nov so will take her some flowers.
Also will miss my gran and my nan they wont be there to see me.
you sound as if you have been so busy, I have only a few days left of my holiday.
Uncle mike rang the other day, my friend and I are going to stay with him for a while as he is very near the railway station, we are also thinking of hiring a car at heathrow.
Dont know how I will go driving around there, as the roads are so small compared to ours.
Not looking forward to the long plane flight, 7 hours to Bruni, and then another 18 on to london, will be so jet lagged.
Looking forward to seeing every one my friend Deb has never been to the uk so we are hoping to spend a few nights in london wil get so lost, will end up at the place asking for a room.