Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bit Of A Rant

Yesterday Kady got off the school bus in tears. I thought heart broken over a boy, arguing with girl friends or something trivial. She said one of the boys on the bus smacked her across the legs and it hurt. I thought she was over reacting as quite often kids at school muck around and slap each other or tickle each other. She was crying and her face was bright red and puffy (thought at first she had been hit in the face).

When we got home she was still sobbing so I told her to show me. She had huge welts across her leg. It honestly looked like someone had horse whipped her. Her skin was raised in places about 1cm. It took up the entire inner top side of one leg.

A boy was mucking around with her (she went to primary school with him) trying to get her attention. He is a bit of a touchy feely creep. She told him to leave her alone so he started untying her shoes etc so she moved her legs out of the way. When she wouldn't respond to him he started slapping her. She said the first time she laughed and told him to leave her alone and then he just kept hitting and hitting until she was sobbing.

Jason went mental as you can imagine and wanted to go around to the boys house and tear him to shreds. I rang the school and there was no one to talk to and the girl said she would contact the headmaster as he was at the senior campus and get him to get back to me. At this stage all I said to her was it was a bus incident. The headmaster rang me within five minutes ( I was amazed) and said he was pulled from his meeting because there was an incident on the bus. He was fantastic. Kady had to write down what happened, the parents and the bus company will be notified (he was ringing as soon as he finished with me) the boy will be given a warning and punished at school. He may be suspended as we found out later he has had numerous incidents of man handling girls and some primary school kids on the bus (the bus carries primary and secondary students). He asked me if I wished to file a complaint with the police. It was all handled very well. I am very impressed.

I am so angry still. I know kids muck around but at 9.30 last night when she went to bed it still looked like it had just been done. It looked like she had been branded with a branding iron. Today she is a lot better and you can still see hand marks and bruises. She went off to school and will have counselling etc just to talk through it. She will have plenty of support from her friends and teachers.


nanna said...

So Sorry to hear about what happened to lady Kady, he should be suspended for doing that.
I hope that you are feeling a bit better Kady.
Boys can be so rough, and it often leads to other things.
Keep smiling Kady, dont let it get you down.
Love Nanna and Gus.

Aunty Mim and Uncle tony said...

Well at least you weren't the one doing the abuse.. of that we can be proud..the world can be wildpiggy at times...he must of had a bad wheatbix..that morning..
We have to tolerate these people, it order to makes us better people..lub lub lub u

Anonymous said...

kady...i think its time you went to boxing classes...or go and see uncle tony. hope you are feeling better, keeep smling.... uncle mick xx

Ally said...

I have been meaning to post to the group Dawn, but wanted to express my hurt for you all. Jason sounds very much like Dave, it takes a strong woman to calm them down when their girls are involved! Keep strong and hugs from Qld.

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh dear - that IS shocking! But I am glad to hear that the school was so supportive. We can never be too careful when it comes to violence - you must have felt sick just thinking about it afterwards.