Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th July Again

Mum, I know I need to become an Australian citizen. Just need to find the money and do the paper work. Life seems to always get in the way. Each year as Australia Day approaches I think of it.

Will you and Dad come down for the ceremony. I still remember what a wonderful ceremony it was when you and Dad did yours. Heh Tony, what about you. Want to join me?

Ok back to moving over from England to Australia. Mum I thought I worked it out all wrong but redid the dates. I am sure I was five years and nearly 4 months when we moved from England. That made you 25 and Dad 27. You were born early 1949 and Dad early 1947. Tony was 10 weeks off turning three. I was born March,1969 and we moved July 1974.


uncle pete said...

hi dawn...yes you are spot on, your mum was 25 when you all left the uk,i was 19 years old of that year because i married aunty rose in august 1974

Valerie said...

yes Dawn you are right just worked it out last night.
Pete and rose got married on the 10th of august they got married a few days after we arrived out here.

Lynn said...

Hey Dawn, we came to Australia on Christmas Eve 1974 :) I was 10.

Love Lynn

Lyn Dwyer said...

DAWN........sounds like you really want to do this......what a lovely idea.....I'm sure you will be able to achieve this on AUSTRALIA DAY .....whether it be next year or the year after.....
Hi Val.......((((((((((( waving ))))