Monday, June 18, 2007

Weather Websites

This is one of our favourite weather websites. Gives a great in depth overview of the weeks weather. We fall under Victorian Central Ranges Outlook for our area.

Another favourite.

Our forecast for today is SNOW yippee. The snow won't probably settle but if it's going to be cold then it may as well snow. It's freezing here this morning. We had 7.5ml of rain since yesterday. We have has a good lot of rain lately. We went below 0 overnight and everything was frosted over this morning.

Monday Scattered showers. Local hail and thunder with snow above 700 metres. Cold to very cold and mostly cloudy with a moderate to fresh southerly wind, stronger about the coast later.

MONDAY 18/6/07...Fresh and occasionally gusty southwest to southerly winds developing, scattered showers and drizzle with hill mist, wintry showers later with hail/sleet and snow, ice on central ranges roads a risk overnight into Tuesday...MIN TEMPS 0 to +3°C MAX TEMPS 4 to 6°C, lowering to near 1 to 4°C later in the day.

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