Monday, June 18, 2007

Weather Update

Looks like we are in for a cool few days. It snowed today for about 45 minutes. Didn't settle but was lovely to watch.

Latest from Weatherzone.

Severe cold snap brings bleak weather to Victoria Matt Pearce, Monday June 18, 2007 - 16:18 EST

Bleak weather has descended on Victoria today as a severe cold snap moves up from the south across the state, according to The highest temperature in the state today was just 13 degrees at Mildura.

Most of the state was still below 10 degrees at midday, with Melbourne sitting on a very chilly 9.7. Melbourne ended up having a top of 11.9, its coldest day since August last year.

Snow has been reported down to around 900 metres through the day, but is likely to fall as low as 700 metres tonight.

“Very cold southerly winds have developed across Victoria today, resulting in well-below-average temperatures. Although there is a definite chill in the air, there is not much moisture around so we haven’t seen any particularly heavy showers as yet,” meteorologist Matt Pearce said.

“It is likely to remain very cold across the state tomorrow, with most Melbourne suburbs expecting a top once again of just 12 degrees. However, slightly milder weather will return by mid-week as a high pressure system moves in from the west.”

In addition to the very low temperatures, the winds have been picking up along the coast. Cape Nelson, on the west coast, had a 70km/hr southerly gust at 12:30pm.

“There is the chance of some small hail and thunder at times along the coast through this evening, but from tomorrow onwards, the focus of most of the showers will shift to the far east,” Pearce said.

And the next two days weather from Stormchasers.

TUESDAY 19/6/07....Areas of highland fog and scattered rain/sleet and snow showers, icy patches on central ranges roads mainly morning, fresh southeast to southwest winds and high wind chill, sunny breaks mainly north of the ridgeline in the afternoon, local morning frost in sheltered areas. MIN TEMPS -2 to 0°C MAX TEMPS 4 to 7°C

WEDNESDAY 20/6/07...Areas of hill fog and fresh southeast winds a very cold day with moderate wind chill, scattered showers mainly on the ridges and southern slopes with some early sleet/snow about the higher areas, risk of early road ice, sunny breaks in the afternoon. MIN TEMPS -3 to 0°C MAX TEMPS 5 to 7°C

eeek check out the minimum temperatures.


sollie said...

Waw, it snowed in Australia. Didn't know you had snow there too, haha. We are supposed to have summer here but it's grey and rainy outside. Yikes!!!

mum said...

goodness me how cold it is down there, so glad we live in the sunshine state.
Cant wait for the spring, our lowest temp has been 15 in the day, and 7 at night

Elie said...

wow Dawn Snow very bet its cold but bet its a great to see all the snow on the trees and buildings

rose said...

hi dawn u can keep the snow but love the idea of a nice log fire ,,you need to come over here for our summer love to you all xxxx

Beck Family said...

Dawn, anytime you get too cold, just head on up to California...your always welcome. Today it was 96F degrees. We through a pool party and had the whole neighborhood over. Do you snoe ski???