Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Mail

Leah was thrilled to receive a parcel from her penpal Kennedy in the mail yesterday after school. Kennedy sent her some stickers, drawings, a letter and five packets of Girl Scout cookies. We had fun tasting the different kinds of biscuits. Leah's favourites were Samoas, Mint Thins and All Abouts. They taste a little different from our biscuits.

I have received two generous parcels from Fiskars over the last few days. Lots of fun goodies to play with. Can't wait to try out the stamp press. I have been busy making a board book using Dee's Cottage Collection. A really fun collection of papers, stickers and embellishments. Will photograph it when it's all dry.
I also received a lovely parcel from Karen's Kupboard. Looking forward to creating some lovely design team layouts with all the goodies.

Other news,

On Saturday Kady went to the cinema for the first time with friends on her own ( I dropped them off and picked them up). A heap of them went to see Pirates Of The Carribean. It was a long movie (three hours) and I think they were glad to come out by the end of it.

Our resident Koala has been here again for the last few weeks. He alternates between a few clumps of trees. I think he likes our place because we don't have a dog and all the surrounding neighbours do.

The weather has been cooler here. Beginning to feel like winter. We have been lucky enough to have a bit of rain lately. Everything is so green and damp. Last month we had 120ml and this month we have already had 15.5mls. How lucky. Our tanks are both overflowing and all the seeds I have planted have come up. The vegie garden is coming along nicely.

Kady has been home sick all week from school. A stomach bug, sore throat, dizzy and achy. Leah arrived home from school yesterday feeling blah and has come down with it. They both have generously passed it onto me this morning so no work for me today. This bug seems to be doing the rounds of all the local schools. All the local kids have had it a few times.

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Lyn Dwyer said...

.......I can still remember when Brendan first went off to the theatre on his own....well with a group of friends.
Sounds like Kady is becoming independent DAWN....and that's not a bad thing.....and me some happy mail too! Just need some time to play and create.
Hope all those awful bugs disappear from your house real soon......take care...