Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Week

A long catch up for me and for anyone else who wants to read.

Another week has passed by so quickly. Once again we have been busy. I have been working on my top ten for Scrapbook Creations and the work I have received over the last two weeks is just stunning. I feel so lucky to get to see all the work first hand before I send it off to Sydney to Scrapbook Creations. We have so many talented artists in Australia. I have been scrapping for over 8 years now and a monthly article contributor to Scrapbook Creations since Issue 2 (We are up to issue 43) and it's just amazing how much this industry has grown and evolved. I love that we have so many different styles of scrapbookers. There is no right or wrong way to scrap and record all our memories.

I have finished a few pages recently. Will share soon. Three pages for Karen's Kupboard and a page of Master D and his new big boy bed. That nephew of mine is growing up way to fast and my little sister isn't sending me near enough photos. Come to think of it my little big brother isn't sending too many my way either.

Friday we spent the day shopping with my MIL at Highpoint (we had looked everywhere else and I have forgotten just how big that place is) for clothes for the girls confirmation next week. Kady had a report writing day so no school and I let Leah have the day off. My girls are such skinny minny's that it's impossible to buy without them trying on skirts etc.

My MIL (Babcia), Mary totally spoilt the girls for their special day. This was her and Djudjal's present to them. Leah got some cute clothes from Pumpkin Patch. A beautiful brown shimmery skirt with matching top and cardigan. Kady got a pretty grey dress from Susan's along with a mustard coloured top. I bought them tights, footless leggings, new shoes etc Oh and new tracksuit pants for Leah who has grown much taller overnight and everything is hugging her ankles. I really think I must have blinked. Miss L who can't wait to turn ten in a few months.

Is is just me or does anyone else not like the t-shirt style dresses, knitted oh so short dresses with footless tights and that style in general. They are all so overpriced and so 80's and rehashed styles with 60's patterns and colours. Gosh I must be getting old. Maybe if we hang onto something long enough it will all come back in style. Just not loving this winters fashions.

Friday night I dropped Kady off to stay at her friend Mon's house (from Primary school and now at different highschools). We went grocery shopping on Saturday. Leah missed Kady heaps all day and couldn't wait for her to come home. They spent the evening hanging out together.

I was asked to join a recipe swap email. It has been lots of fun. You send to 20 people and email one person a recipe. Very easy and not time consuming.

So far I have received five recipes. I can't wait to try them all. Just thought I would share one I just know we will love it. We love Thai so it will be a winner. This recipe is from Allie Collyer. Allie's hubby, Russ, cooks this and Allie's says it's divine.

Russ’s Thai Salad
Minced chicken
This sauce mix will be enough for a kilo of chicken. You can ½ the quantities for a smaller amount of chicken but the sauce will keep well in a jar in the fridge. The sauce also is fantastic with prawns, beef etc.

Finely chop:
1 stalk lemon grass
6 lime leaves
2 chillies

Add a splash of oyster sauce and mix into the chicken with the lemongrass etc. Cook chicken in a small amount of peanut (or other) oil

125ml fish sauce
200ml lime juice
150ml french dressing
100ml sweet chilli sauce
3 chillies (finely chopped)
¾ cup sugar

Measure all into a jar with a screw top lid and shake or stir until sugar is dissolved.

Finely chop and add to jar:
½ cup mint
1 cup coriander
2 finely sliced purple onions.

All the measurements are approximate as Russ usually just chucks it all together. Test the sauce and add more sugar or lime juice if needed.

Mix the sauce with the chicken and refrigerate. Crushed cashews/nuts can be added for a bit of extra texture.

To serve either mix together with any salad ingredients (like a coleslaw) or lay on a bed of lettuce, finely sliced carrot and slices of cucumber.

Weather wise winter is here. The fire is roaring 24/7. We had a huge frost earlier this week. The car was iced over and I couldn't get the key in the door lol. When I did the door took ages to pull open as it was all iced up (reminds me I should park the car in the shed lol) The bird bath was solid ice. Morning temp was 1.4 degrees. This week I don't think we have gone much above 8. Still not really cold but on it's way there. We were meant to get snow but nothing eventuated.It did try hard though.

Love frosty mornings. Makes you really feel alive. The grass crunches under your feet (yes different from the dead brown grass we had all summer) as the frost breaks. The kids think it is so cool seeing everything frozen. It's a different world.

I am feeling ok. A bit rundown lately. My white blood cells are low (need to head back and have another blood test to recheck the levels) so that would explain the few cold sores and general lack of energy. I have been very busy with work (the lodge, Scrapbook Creations and Fiskars) but love it. We have all been fighting off a viral type thing lately as have all the locals and school kids. A sore throat, a bit achy etc. Nothing much but enough to make you feel a bit less than good.

My hair is growing back so fast. My hair has always grown very quickly. It is still very thin on top (I always had thin hair but not this thin) and is still growing upwards on top. I really don't think it will every lay flat. I have the curl starting to happen in the middle of my forehead that I had when I was a baby. The back of my hair has a wave and the bottom curls up into tiny curls. I used to have dead straight hair so it's quite novel. It really has a mind of it's own some days. My hair is a very different colour. Sort of an ash brown. I kept my ponytail that my MIL cut off so will have to take a photo to compare as it amazes me how different it is. My hair is between 5.5 and 6cm long all over. Long but too short to do much with. I have tried gelling it etc It's at a stage where it's looking crappy but at least it's keeping my head warm.


mum said...

Made me laugh about the curl in the middle of your fore head, have you still got it in your baby book.
Was so sad the day I cut it of, as you never had much hair as a baby, nor did Donna Tony had heaps with such lovely curls evry where.
My brother mike had snow white tight curls and when Timmy was lttle he had the same lovely hair.

I Scrap therefore I am said...

Dawn I enjoyed reading this newsy post (self confessed sticky beak I love to hear about other people's lives ;)). I am impressed with your description of your hair and how you ended it with a confirmation of its REAL use - to keep your head warm lol!!
I did hear somewhere that when you lose your hair after treatment that when it grows back it goes right back to the start of your life which probably explains baby curls!
Thanks for sharing, P.

Beck Family said...

I am glad that you have hair for the winter. I had none during the cold spell here in CA and I always wore a wig or a hat to keep my head warm. I am so glad that it is growing fast, but I am sorry that it is still to short to do anything with. I ended up getting mine cut around the ears and on the back, so at least it looked like I ment to do this on purpose. People actually compliment me on how "cool" my hair looks! I just think they are crazy to actually think that I would do this on purpose.