Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Snaps

Some older and new pictures.

Mum, Aunt Debs, Miche and Aunt Rose. Gosh nearly two years ago since you guys were here.

Silly buggers, Uncle Pete, Uncle Mick and Dad.
Cassie and Ash.
Bald is beautiful. Heh Ash (Cassie took this snap)

Two gorgeous girls. My nieces Hailey and Courtny.

Tony and the girls having fun in the veggie patch.

Dylan and his new little piggies.

How cute is this bub. My cousin Linda and Selo's baby Samuel. Nearly four months old already.

Who are these two gorgeous guys sitting in paradise?

My Uncle Pete and my cousin Leigh lapping up the sun in the Dominica Republic. Doesn't it look so beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

three great blokes in the pic with your dad dawn...dont know who the women are in the other pics