Monday, April 16, 2007

Warrnambool Holiday

We had a fantastic time in Warrnambool. The days were so warm. We spent hours walking, swimming at great beaches, sightseeing (have been there a few times, but Great Ocean and The Shipwreck Coast never cease to amaze us), eating out each evening, and vegging at the apartment.
This is the first time in a long time we have stayed in a lovely apartment. We usually camp and love it. mmmm might be tempted to live it up more often. We stayed in a 4.5 star two story townhouse. It was beautiful. It was nice not having to do any housework or cooking. MIL and FIL came to stay for a night. We had a great time. We had a lovely meal at Bojangles and enjoyed woodfire pizza's. Ahhhhh they were so yummy. my fav was the lamb with minted yoghurt, J loved the seafood and Kady the tandoori. Leah loved them all. Well we all did really.
We spent so much time visiting so many lovely places and just relaxing,
Bay of Islands, Peterborough, Great Ocean, Shipwreck Coast, Childers Cove, Timboon Cheese Factory, Shelly Beach, Kilarney Beach, Fishing, Swimming, Building water ways and dams on the beach for the tide to flood (one of our favourites), Port Fairy, Adventure playground, Ice-cream shops, Shopping for bargains and the list goes on.
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judee d said...

The Great Ocean road and its surrounds cease to amaze Bill and I. I can't wait to do that trip again. Bill tells me that we will do it again soon. (in the mg this time) (Can't you just see two old foagies driving along with the wind blowing in our hair. lol
Keep smiling and healthy

sollie said...

Waw, looks like a stunning holiday. Those pics are wonderful and you will have lots to scrap. I'm glad you enjoyed every moment of it as you really deserve it, girl.

kirsty said...

hiay really sounds like you had a wonderful time.x

Mim said...

Oh wow this holiday sounds fab it's wonderful to here that your life is getting back on the tracks. Smell the roses girly..