Friday, December 01, 2006

Some Layouts To Share

A few weeks back the girls were laughing at Jason and I and the thought we actually used to do things before they were born. Jason and I were keen hikers and conquered some pretty cool hikes.

Another favourite pastime was the beach. Snorkeling, body boarding, winter or summer. Here are the first two layouts I have completed for our pre-kids album.

This photo was taken at one of our favourite spots. Cumberland river. There is a cave that you can access at low tide. It was freezing winters day and later there was a king tide (more layouts to follow one day with these pics). I took a different approach for this layout and called it What I Didn't Know, Back Then. But Know Now. It's strange to look back and realise you have already met your soul mate and you have NO idea what lies in front of you.

The journaling reads

That I had already met my soul mate
That I would have two beautiful daughters
That we would be living out our dream, with a home in the country
That I would no longer be working as a Food Technologist
That Jason would have changed jobs numerous times and love working in the building industry
That I would be fighting the toughest battle in my life so far to overcome breast cancer
That I would become a real homebody and love gardening
That we would own a three-legged cat
That I would discover scrapbooking and write articles for Scrapbook Creations
That I would still have a strong love of the beach and the country
That I would never want to be with anyone other than Jason
That the simplest things bring the greatest pleasure
That family is the most important people in our lives
That real love is so much more than butterflies in the stomach
That I would be so satisfied with my lot in life

Photo taken by Jason at Cumberland River, Great Ocean Road, in approx 1991

These pics were taken on one of our huge bush walks. Only a shortish walk but a very strenuous and high climb. This walk was too the Chimney Pots in the Grampians. I have kept the layout simple and enlarged two of my favourite pics.

Journaling reads

The Chimney Pots is set in the more remote area of the Grampians National Park. The walk to the Chimney Pots is 5.6 km return and you leave from the Chimney Pots car park on the Glenelg River Road. The walk is steep and slippery and involves lots of rock hopping and rock scrambling. The walk is graded as hard.

Jason, Scott, Michelle and I had a wonderful time walking to the Chimney Pots. It was hot and strenuous but the view from the top was amazing. In the picture of me (Dawn) standing beside the signpost you can see the Chimney Pot on top of the main mountain range (directly above my head, the tiny little chimney stack). Once at the top Jason and Scott gave Michelle and I heart attacks by climbing around the sides of the Chimney Pot and out onto the rocky ledge. Michelle and I were happy to sit and watch. No dare devil stunts for us.

Labour Day Long Weekend, March 1993.


mum said...

you look so beatiful in the pic, I felt sad and cried.
You have had a lot of things going on in your life this year, I hope that next year will be so much better for you.
The year before last was when Donna and Scott seperated, I thought that was so hard to get through, Donna was such a mess and we cried so much together I thought that one of us was going to lose it and my baby hurt so much I could only hold her and hug her but we got through it all.
This year was much harder when you told me that you had breast camcer.
I thought that I would not be able to bear it but then again Dawn you are strong I am strong and now Donna is strong.
We have gone through a lot this year, and there will be harder times ahead I suppose.
Now we are waiting to see how nanny will go I have got my passport pics done and I am going to get my new passport next week, just in case.
Maybe god only gives us these things to test us, all I can say is god make my daughter well and my mil I will never complain about my life again but I suppose I will as I am only human after all.

Paula Clark said...

Isn't it amazing how the kids think "we" didn't exist before they were born. I remember Dayna being totally blown away by a photo of me at work and didn't understand that I used to do something other than being a mother ROFL.

Good on you for going back and scrapping some of these older photos - the rate I scrap I doubt I'll ever get back that far LOL

Ngaire said...



just perfect!