Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Nan

I spoke to my Nanny only a few weeks ago on her birthday and she wasn't feeling too well.

Since then, She has spent a few weeks in hospital and sadly she has been diagnosed with cancer in the liver. The doctors haven't given her long but I know she will prove them wrong with her zest for life. A year ago there was nothing on her liver.

I rang Nanny tonight, and she is positive and back home and feeling tired. I am sure she will be back up and about within days. She is being well looked after with home nursing etc and once she begins to experience pain she said the district nursing will come in and give her meds.

For now Nanny is feeling a little lost but was so happy to be home and hear from me. As always she was too busy worrying about me and how I was feeling.

Love this lady so much.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your Nan Dawn. But I'm sure that your fighting spirit must be inherited from her. Keeping you both in my thoughts!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Thinking of you both Dawn!...and YES........CANCER SUCKS!
Can you please email me your postal addy. Thanks!

mum said...

So sad that my mum in law has got cancer.
Does not drink, or smoke.
I felt so upset when my brother in law rang me on thursday.
She has the same kind of cancer that my mum had,and mum in laws dad had.
I think that we have had so much bad luck the last 2 years, we keep getting knocked down and then we get back up again to keep fighting again.
My mum in law is 86, but she has so much go in her,and loves life to the fullest.
To me she is my mum, she has been in my life since I was 19, always been there for me.
There will be a great big hole in my life when she has gone, love her so much.
When I was first married, she said to me, if anything ever happens between you and will you will always be my daughter no matter what.

auntie rose said...

sorry to hear about your nan but she will fight it just like u will thinking of you xxxxxx