Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Quick Update

Yesterday I had my weekly dressing change for my Picc line. I am always so sore after this. The bruising has finally nearly disappeared although the actual area is still very sore. Also saw the doctor as he was concerned about this barking cough and cold I have had forever. I haven't got rid of a cold since I started chemo and now it's on my chest. Back on antibiotics in case it was heading towards an infection. I am so tired this week. Too many late nights and busy days. Been taking it easy and resting heaps today.

Jason and I are off to see Melinda Schneider on Friday night. Can't wait. We are having dinner there and also seeing The Flood. Hopefully I can take some pictures. We have seen nearly every country muso but haven't had the chance to see Melinda. My MIL is having the girls overnight. We are looking forward to a night out on our own. It isn't often we do this. It is about two years since we have been out on our own. Gosh didn't realise until now how long it was.


Lynn said...

Please make sure you continue to get as much rest as possible. I really hope your cough and cold ease up for you soon.

I hope you and Jason have an AWESOME time when you go away :) You deserve it girl.


mum said...

Make sure you rest Dawn.
Have you still got that cold and cough.
Hope that you have a good time on friday night.
Maybe you have got a infection

Paula said...

Sounds like a fab night - enjoy :) and make sure you rest up plenty beforehand!!!

auntie rose said...

hope u have a good nite we dont do that very often either so enjoy it u deserve it xxxxxx

mick said...

have a good night out dawn...maybe jason will buy you a chinky on the way home but make sure he does not put it in the fridge for the next day or he will be spending the day on the loo...i know what he is like lol xxxx

Erica Johnstone said...

Bummer about needing Antibiotics again - hope that you are doing better. Silly to say, but try and get as much rest as you can!

Enjoy your night out with Jason, sounds wonderful!