Sunday, October 22, 2006

No Sleep

I should be in bed but the steroids from chemo seem to keep me awake in the second week even when my immunity is low and I should be sleeping. Feels like I have drank a dozen coffees. I was still awake a 1 o'clock last night and had to force myself into bed. I should be sleeping now as I have over 20 people coming for Leah's birthday (her actual birthday is Tuesday) tomorrow at one. We are having open sandwiches (been a huge hit at Kady's birthday. Must take a pic of them. I make them on french sticks cut up with various cut meats and smoked salmon, tomato, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, spinach leaves, gherkins, cheese, basil leaves, seeded mustard and garnishes. They look awesome and taste ever better), thai meatballs with yoghurt mint dipping sauce, and various other sauces, mini spring rolls, dim sims, pies, marinated chicken drumettes and dips, with turkish bread, celery sticks, carrot sticks, rice crackers and other yummys. Oh and this year I am making punch the old fashioned way from the seventies with fruit in it. No alcohol as kids will be drinking it. Leah is so excited about having family and friends over tomorrow. Auntie Kathy is making a slice and cake and Auntie Wendy is bringing a yummy fruit platter. We will get to see Megan walk for the first time. She has only been walking a little while so that will be so special. Cassi I will try and take a pic and send it to you.

The last few weeks we have had lovely weather. Sadly no rain and we really need it. Our fire restrictions begin early this year and begin tonight a good six weeks ahead of norm. The forest is so dry. Our local fire brigade have told us it's the driest season since 1983. They are predicting another Ash Wednesday. We have already had hundreds of fires in the state this month. The firey's will not come into our area to save our house and surrounding houses. There is only one road in and out and it's too dangerous. We are surrounded by forests on both sides. We don't own a fire pump so the only option is to leave if a fire threatens our home. When it comes down to it as long as we are out and safe and hopefully I have saved things that are special to me I don't care about the house.

I spent the afternoon burning off sticks etc fallen from the gums during the wind over the last week. Sticks littered the garden. Today though has been freezing. I think 13 degrees was predicted but I don't think it got over that. Tonight they are predicting minus three. We haven't had temps that low in over three winters. It hailed today and felt cold enough to snow.

Made the local paper this week with a photo I took. There was a write up about a friends fairy business. Sadly no acknowledgement for the photo. Good pic if I don't say so myself.

Ok I should try and go to sleep. Busy day tomorrow. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog. Thanks to Valerie's Dad in the USA for leaving a lovely message. Bought tears to my eyes. Thanks for taking the time to post. Means more than you can imagine. Tell Kennedy to look out in the post for Leah's letter.


auntie rose said...

get some sleep xx your weather is colder than ours here in england we are having a lot rain at the moment but it is still warm x the food that you are doing for leahs birthday party sounds fantastic u never stop ,hope u all have a good day xxxx

~Kathryn~ said...

hope you managed to get some sleep - don't over-do it !!!
hope leah's party goes well

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leah
Hope the party goes well The food sounds divine !! I made punch the other week for the girls Got the recipe of the side of a can of pineapple juice!!!
Try and get some rest dawn :)

Paula said...

Wholly cow we didn't get extreme weather like that yesterday, but then I burried myself in my scraproom yesterday and didn't venture outside ROFL.

I hope Leah's party went well, I was thinking of you when I was eating my boring old sandwich for lunch :(

Take care and get some sleep :)

Erica Johnstone said...
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Erica Johnstone said...

Hi Dawn,
Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble sleeping, but take it from someone who has regular insomnia - if your body doesn't want to go to sleep it won't, so I use the time wisely or just hang out, that is when I do most of my Digi scrapping because it is so quiet and I don't wake up anyone else :-)

I hope that Leah's party went well, and that she had a wonderful day!- Your sandwiches sound scrumptious :-) Take Care Dawn and don't stress about the sleep, your body will let you sleep when it is ready to chillout. Bummer about the steroids they can be real buggers hey!

mum said...

Happy Birthday Leah for tomorrow.
Hope that you had a nice day yesterday.
Now you can wear the new shoes that I got you for your birthday.
Not that leah has not worn then already, such a leader of Fashion is Princess Leah.
That is why I call her by that name.
Hope that you recived your b/day card that I sent.
Love you Leah.
Love Nana.

linda said...

hi dawn it is raining here in england again we have had so much rain i hope you get some sleep soon hope leah has a good b/day give her my love from the logie clanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mick said...

happy belated birthday leah lots of love mick deb michelle and kerry xxxi wish you would take a rest dawn you work to hard love again from us all in the uk xxx

Shazz said...

hope the party went well dawn. a happy birthday to leah from me.
i sympathise with the "no sleep" issue. i have suffered insomnia in bouts for about three years now and there is nothing worse than knowing you need to sleep but your body not letting you.
hoping you have managed to get some rest in the past few days.
am still looking for "the hat" for you - isn't it always the way though....just when you are looking for something they're never around.
have a great day and stay strong