Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Indian Cooking Classes

On Monday I went to a cooking class run by the local doctors wife, Asha (through the community centre). Each term I look at what classes are offered and always think about doing them. This term three of the classes I wanted to do all fit in between chemo sessions so I decided to do them.

Asha, taught the yummiest Indian recipes. Asha made Tandoori chicken, a salad, Dry Cabbage and Moong Dhal Curry. After watching her cook them we all sat down and ate together. Yummo. I ended up making the Tandoori Chicken, Basmati Rice, an indian salad (so simple but yummo) with papadums for tea tonight. Everyone loved them. I need to visit the Indian shop to pick up a few ingredients before I make the other recipes.

In two weeks I am doing the Sri Lankan class run by the other local doctors wife and then at the end of November I am doing a Summer Asian Recipe class. Looking forward to these too.


mick said...

hi dawn...any chance of us poping over for dinner ..we love indian food xxxx

Lynn said...

A cooking class sounds like heaps of fun Dawn. I was raised on Indian food . To us, a plain roast was a luxury lol

Lyn Dwyer said...

The classes sound like fun Dawn.My goodness you'll be giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money soon....LOL!

Paula said...

So when do you want us up for dinner??? Sounds yummo, but the week the girls have had I'm def. staying away from anything with curry!!!