Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hair Today

but I am thinking it may be gone by tomorrow if I can gather up the courage to shave it off today. Today when I run my fingers through my hair I am getting a heap of hair in my fingers. It may last a few more days but I am sure it will be a messy process it I don't shave it off.

Am I worried about losing my hair?

Well no not really. Not the actual hair. I mean it will grow back. May even grow back curly or a different colour. What does worry me however is that once I have lost my hair, my cancer or the fact that something is wrong is now evident to all who see me. I think that is what is worrying me the most. The stares, the questions. Up until now I have had the option of who knows about what I am going through. Once I join the ranks of Uncle Fester everyone will notice me.

Anyway I thought I would share some pictures my good friend Paula took for me on Friday. Not looking sick at all. This is one thing people are amazed at when they see me. People expect you to look sick. Cancer is such a silent disease.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's today. Happy Fathers day DAD.


Paula said...

ROFL love the "Elsie" one. No you don't look sick at all - in fact you looked fantastic and those that didn't know you wouldn't have guessed otherwise.

mum said...

I dont care if you have no hair, made me cry to see your sweet face on the blog.
I would love you even if you had 2 heads, and 2 left feet.
Dont worry about what other people say, you are still dawny to us, and all of your friends.
There is not such a stigma now about bald people, not like there were years ago.
Just go with the flow, you are doing fine.
Love you lots mum.

Ann Lederhose said...

You are right Dawn, you do look amazingly well. I get what you are saying about the bald thing putting the disease out there for everyone to see. Just tell anyone that asks that you are happy to answer their questions for the price of a two figure donation to the cancer fund!

Anyway, I am sure will do "Fester" with real style! You go girl!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Dawn.......great pics.......good on PAULA for taking these wonderful pics for you to scrap.Hey......I love the Elsie look too....perhaps you could be the Aussie Dawn in Bandanas!With the weather hopefully warming up you may get away with just wearing these bandanas instead of hats.

uncle pete said...

hi dawn still look great,if people ask you silly questions, and give you funny looks...just smile back...and say,you are standing in for uncle fester...thinking of you every day and the kidiwinks....oh and the tea boy jay, lol love you all xxx